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There are usually two options available for packaging a product. These are the custom packaging and stock packaging. But there are lots of different features. If you learn more information, let’s check the other headlines.


A stock packaging is a generic-packaging that a label can affix.

For more detailed information, read the steps.

  • Stock packaging is manufactured at less cost in large amounts.
  • Stock Packaging usually comes with limited, standardized sizes and styles.
  • Lots of companies prefer to use stock packaging because custom made packing is as expensive as financial terms. There are lots of examples of this in retail stores. For instance; Bottles of sauces, vitamin jars, beverage bottles, protein powders, canned foods etc. (These examples have a custom printed label.)

Generally, small or medium size companies use stock packaging. Just giant companies would have custom made bottles. (like as Johnson and Johnson)


Custom packaging is uniquely tailor made to fit a product perfectly. For more detailed information, read the steps.

Custom packaging is uniquely adapted to fit a product. For more detailed information, read the steps

  • It is designed by a packaging structural engineer. It necessitates specially made tooling that basically serves as a sort of “packaging DNA” used in the different machinery that makes your packaging. For instance; cutting dies and printing plates.
  • Custom packaging is more expensive than stock packaging because a significant amount of planning is required in advance.
  • A prototype is generally required to be made and approved as well as production set-up and the before mentioned tooling.
  • The importance of customer service in custom packages, compared to stock packages, plays a more important role in all these purchasing stages.


In addition, custom packaging companies have a minimum start up cost. That is, even if you order 1 unit, you will be charged a minimum price for the operation of the machine.  For instance; there may be a start up cost of $3000 with a minimum packaging of 1500 units. Stock packaging is often considered a packaging alternative that gets  the job done. (other than stock items such as bottles, cans, jars, containers, etc. which are ideal for retail use) This approach often allows for cheaper packaging that more or less fits the product.

The reasons for using stock packaging instead of custom packaging are often due to the need for timely packaging.

  • Limited budget for start-up
  • Test marketing situations
  • The shortage of production
  • The samples of trade show
  • Subscription boxes
  • Shipping Boxes (used by online stores)

Stock packaging and custom packaging have lots of advantages and disadvantages. Please continue to read for the most important of them.

  • When buying in small quantities, stock packaging is less expensive than custom packaging. Besides, it is much faster to acquire stock packaging.That is an acceptable strategy for most people who assume custom packaging as an investment for their aims.
  • Great designed custom packaging should “catch the eye” over thecompetition while informing the correct message about the product. This situation, allows for increased sales.
  • Custom packaging makes it beter fit for your product than stock packaging. It suppose to be less excess material waste.Excess material means that it involves the packaging itself.
  • More suitable packaging means more product per pallet can be shipped. Therefore, your shipping costs are reduced.

To sum up, custom packaging is a longer process that requires more investment than stock packaging. Custom packaging should give an appearance your product a more professional look on storeshelves.Custom packaging may be comparable to stock packaging prices when you order in large quantities. Although stock packaging is fast and less cost, good custom packaging can give your product the advantage it needs.